“It is uncommon to come across a true professional. You are an artist, an expert at your craft, and you care—a truly rare trifecta.”
-C.D., national sales director

“An executive headhunter said he’d never before come across a resume that he could find nothing he’d recommend changing.”  –J.P., corporate consulting

“Carolyn, Just wanted to let you know that your resume works—I get at least one e-mail every other day, and I only posted it on Dice and LinkedIn.”  –Z.Y., senior developer

“Hi Carolyn, I wanted to write you a quick note of thanks. Your expertise and expeditious delivery of a high-quality resume has now yielded 3 job offers. I’ve landed a great new career with a company in NYC and am very excited for my future. I am grateful for having the chance to work with you. Thank you again for the great work.”
-A.R., operations manager

“Hello Carolyn, I hope this email finds you well. The amazing resume you created for me has landed me a career with Ernst & Young in which I am very happy.”
–L.R.L., resources director

“Funny story. I was telling a friend about finding you, and she stopped me mid-sentence and said ‘forget whoever you have; I have the perfect resume writer for you.’ She pulled up your email, and we realized we were both talking about the same person: you.”
-S.M., marketing director

“You did such a wonderful job of sorting through my rambling recollections of tasks I did at past jobs and turning those into quantifiable achievements on an impressive resume, it’s easy to recommend you to others. I suspect Scott will have as much success with his new resume as I have with mine. Be well, continue to do good work, and keep in touch.”
-P.T., senior engineer/information technology

“Within a month of having you complete my resume, I had two companies contact me. I had several interviews with both companies, and received an offer from each. I just had to let you know how successful my resume was, and I thank you so much for everything you did.” -E.H., marketing

“You did my husband’s resume. He got 2 offers and started his new position yesterday. Thanks! I’d like you to create mine.”
-T.A., healthcare management

“Dear Carolyn, I just wanted to say thank you so much for an amazing resume. I wanted to let you know thanks to your great resume writing skills I got a terrific job in Washington DC for an advisory board.”
-K.P., global research and technology consulting

“Working with Carolyn was interactive, easy and resulted in a dynamic resume that was truthful, engaging and effective. I got an interview the first week I sent it out.”
-C.S., telecommunications

“I wanted to thank you. I am finishing up my second week, and I like the job and company and people. Your service was worth every penny to me.”
-R.W., customer relationship management

“The career counselor told Andrew that his resume was by far the best he’d ever seen in his career.”  –J.M., solutions architect

“Hi Carolyn, First off, who is this guy, and how can I hire him! : ) It looks great.”
-B.M., engineering

“Hi Carolyn, I am writing you to thank you and inform you that your resume helped greatly. I worked with you in July and created a new resume that helped land me a job in a different industry.”
-E.D., operations manager

“Carolyn, I wanted to let you know I’ve recently accepted a new job and have received and continue to receive numerous calls as a result of the beautifully crafted resume you provided me. I had two job offers and the opportunity I am taking is a significant increase in pay and a great career move up. I know I could not have articulated my skills as well as you did and what makes me so proud is that it’s all true. The calls just keep on coming. Thank you again for your professionalism and guidance through the process; the investment has already paid for itself 10-fold.” –A.G., IT director


The following are samples of professionals' resumes I've written (identity protected), each two pages in length (commensurate with their experience).